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We are an independent digital agency that creates beautiful design, a quality technical build and seamless deployment. We cover the full spectrum of digital media:


Social Media



We have built a team of people that is focused on what matters the most – great creative user experiences; the kind of stuff that gets used alot and gets talked about.

If you are a corporate company who is looking for a new or updated digital presence or a marketing agency looking to work with a trusted, professional and accountable digital partner then please get in touch!

Our Services

Branding & Design

Our creatives will work with you to build an effective brand identity or if you have already established your brand guidelines we will ensure our designs fit within this. We are a technical business but we believe it’s the design, the user journey and the user experience people expect and care most about.

Technical Build

Our highly experienced tech team is just as happy working on a large scale data-driven application as we are working on bespoke microsites for a promotion. Our developers are not tied to any particular technology but our backend specialties include ASP.NET, PHP and Java. We pick the latest and greatest tech to suit the project.

Hosting, Support & Maintenance

We offer both shared and dedicated hosting with our PCI, ISO9001 and ISO27001 compliant hosting provider. Or if you have a preferred hosting provider we are just as happy working with them.


We act as CTO for a number of different companies. For all of our projects we like to be part of the team, not just a supplier.

If you need SEO, affiliate marketing or video production then we are happy to put you in touch with our trusted partner companies.

We are agile (and have badges to prove it), we can step in and save the day or we can plan and work within your team. Our network of real people spans both mobile and web and we dedicate the team to the work in hand. We don’t take projects that aren’t doable, we have been around far too long for that. We won’t run around like a headless chicken flapping our arms and swearing. Definitely not.

Why Us?

We don’t blindly give you what you ask for, we question why!

We take time to understand your business; we discuss your ideas and we gather your requirements. We think about your brand, your product, your success criteria and we try to think like your customers. We add value and offer advice. Through this we ensure that what we deliver meets both your and your clients requirements and fulfills and exceeds their needs.

We work openly with transparent costs and regular communication

We follow a structured agile development process which involves regular communication with our team. You are the product owner and we get you involved early with feedback to ensure we are on the right track. Our costs and dates for deliverable are not hidden so there are no surprises.

We act as your very own in house team

We acts as your very own reliable, trusted and accountable technical team, without the overhead of maintaining the team in house.

We guide and support you through the process

If you are new to digital we will hold your hand throughout the entire process to ensure you know what’s expected. You’ll be able to ask us questions to make sense of it all and hit the ground running.

We are not tied to a particular sector or technology

We have many different clients spanning all sorts of sectors. This has enabled us to build a broad bank of knowledge and we can apply and adapt our learning to each customer. We are early adopters and we keep up to date with the latest technology and design trends. We ensure that we pick the latest and greatest technology which suits the project.


We know that starting with good ideas isn’t enough

We believe that it doesn’t matter where, how or in what medium an idea is expressed, you still have to start with a good one. Our independence is reflected through the work and culture of each of our team members. Over the last decade we have had the opportunity to partner with incredible clients that have the vision and ambition to do whatever it takes to break new ground. It’s been a fantastic journey with our clients so far, and we’re excited about the adventures that lie ahead. Our goal is to build the most passionate and talented team that we can across the globe to help our clients invent the future.


The core team at weheartdigital

Andy Doyle

MD and CTO

“A dedicated and driven professional with extensive experience gained within senior digital media positions, including Technical Director, Head of Development, Product Manager. ” – Someone else said that about me, which is nice.

I guess after all of this time I could now be classed as a veteran of the digital media world. I have a great understanding of what makes a product (or project) feasible, cost effective and interesting.

Now as a founder member of weheartdigital the aim is to work on interesting projects, with great people (I don’t like the term ‘clients’) for a fair and honest price. The aim is to build relationships, retain work and maybe make a few new friends on the way.


Tina Fairminer

Operations Director

I have well over 13 years’ experience in managing digital projects and teams, working with and for many digital agencies as well as spending a couple of years in the not-for-profit sector as the website manager for the fab WWF-UK.

I genuinely love projects and working with developers (strange I know) and so I like to keep hands-on with the day-to-day management of things at weheartdigital. I’m never happier than when in the midst of creating a spec or up against a deadline, ensuring our clients’ expectations are met, deadlines are hit and most importantly everyone’s happy.

Also someone has to keep those Doyle’s facing in the same direction (easier to herd cats)…


Ryan Sumner

Technical Director

A web developer with multiple qualifications and over a decades experience delivering rich usable web applications. My years working at a digital agency have familiarised me with both waterfall and agile methodologies. I am competent at all stages of the systems development life cycle capable of taking a project from inception through to implementation with my core strength being development.

Specialties: (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, AJAX, JSON, C# .Net, ASP.Net, SQL, NHibernate, ASP MVC, Salesforce, CQ5.


Richard Snell

Software Architect

A computer software expert with in-depth knowledge and experience of web related technologies and experience of running development teams in high pressured environments. Rich has been in the software industry for over 20 years and has worked in many different areas of business ranging from aviation to UML modelling to eCommerce.

Lisa Lessware

Project Manager

Lisa hails from the good old US of A but we don’t hold that against her. Lisa has a creative arts background with degrees in Art History and Museum and Gallery Management. However, the bulk of Lisa’s career has been spent in the not for profit education sector. Lisa has 10 years of experience working in marketing and senior administration roles, with an eye for detail and excellent organisation and project management skills.  

Philippa Doyle

New Product Director

With over 11 years in experience digital media, in various technical roles from engineer all the way up to Technical Director. I have worked for a variety of organisations from boutique digital agencies through to global marketing corporations.

My role as Product Director involves working with the team on new ideas, from ‘back of a fag packet’ thinking to brainstorming sessions. Then its a case of looking at the current markets, asking who are the competitors and evaluating products on a use case basis. We then start measuring the costs for development to MLP (minimum loveable product) against the full build costs and potential revenue streams and ultimately IP valuation. Also in necessary we create business plans for new products to pass to investors and discus and raising investment where needed.


Colin McBride

Creative Director

With a wealth of experience in design, marketing and sales promotion, Colin left the Big Smoke in 2005 to found Bright Blue and indulge his passion for digital design and interactive marketing. His clients have included Amer Sports, The Met Office, Lloyds TSB and Philips.

Colin acts as the weheartdigital Creative Director




We are a business who pursue the concept of people working where they want to work. We focus our attention on getting the best people together as a team no matter where they are located geographically. We are heavy Skype users, love Google Hangouts and (old school we know) use the phone! We have places to meet people, but our team is spread far and wide. You can contact us at any of the places below. Just call to arrange!


You can meet us at The Hospital Cub, 24 Endell Street, London,C2H 9HQ, T:01803 865 410.
The coffee is great, the staff are wonderful and its a cool place to hang out.  Just let us know you want to meet and we will be there!  larger map

South West office

Most of the main stuff happens in lovely Totnes, Devon.  Its a good place to live and full of lovely people (And has a direct line back to London!)

weheartdigital Ltd, 4 Castle Street, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5NU, T: 01803 865 410, larger map

Dorking office

This is where the creative stuff happens, usually by people in flowery shirts.
C/O Bright Blue Interactive, The Atrium, Curtis Road, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 1XA, T:01803 865 410, larger map