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Are we the correct type of social thing?

The summer holiday season is over, work just piled up, under 100 days until Christmas. Happy, yeah, I guess so…

What’s my social status?
Am I on social media?
What’s my social well being?
Do I even have a social score?
Do I create a social buzz?
What on earth am I on about?

Most companies use social media a lot. Some use it very well, some less well and some just want the usual Facebook and Twitter logos on their site. This is just an example of a business using social media telling the world how great they are and it’s a business getting you to tell the world how great they are. Either way, this isn’t an example of a business that is socially aware and certainly isn’t a ‘social business’. There is lots of talk about the need to be a ‘social business’, IBM are going on about it quite a lot.

What is a Social Business and where does a ‘social business’ fit with technology today? You have CRM, you have an intranet, you have pipeline software, Agile boards, instant messaging, there are project plans in the cloud, email (old school!) and you have millions of things to interrupt your working day. You possibly don’t achieve all that much as they are all noisy, and they started as 30 day trials at $5 a month and you keep forgetting your login details. They are all trying to achieve bits of this and bits of that, but all do them in a different way so you duplicate, flick across tabs, copy and paste and cry…a lot….

What do you want achieve from this? What is your ROI and what is the time you spend viewing, checking in and checking out, updating this and updating that – what is your ACTUAL job again and how do you make money?

What are the fundamental things we are trying to achieve from all these pieces of software? The answer is simple really – it’s not forgetting to do stuff, and not being forgotten. So in simple terms this is just getting feedback isn’t it? Why can’t a single piece of software manage all of this feedback?

If it is only feedback then we need to think about this and embrace it. Let’s not be scared of it, let’s not avoid it, and let’s not even care who sees it. If a client says you did a bad job, so what? Are they still a client? How many good jobs did you do for them? We all make mistakes and that’s OK as long as we address those mistakes, don’t repeat them, and ensure that positive client feedback is out there too.

People are getting wiser and wiser, and they trust businesses that are open, honest and genuine; they research online so the more social you are, the easier that research is. Customers are not being led by contracts, T&Cs and [white] paper trails. Customers are leaning towards a social business that is visible, approachable and clear, warts and all. People get that all feedback is really a positive thing because it makes your business real, means you are a confident business and that your business communicates well.

So become a social business, a social enterprise or a social company; a social whatever you want to call it, who really cares? Embrace the social world and don’t count Likes and Tweets as a way to succeed. Let all involved in the business talk openly on the web.

And please, don’t just tell people you baked a cake on Sunday on social media, because no one really cares about that.

There should be one piece of software that takes away the pain, which works for a business, works for the consumer and makes life easier – works for you my friends.

(we call it Yak BTW – interested?)