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Are we more efficient?

When we are adding more and more software into our lives, or reading more of the ‘latest’ techniques for working efficiently, it’s like a minefield (or mindfield) of information.

The latest one on mashable is a 17 minute break every 52 minutes.

And there is the Pomodoro technique.

And there is going for a run in the morning/lunchtime/afternoon.

Eating more spinach I guess could work.

Less time on social media sites.

More time on social media sites.

No coffee in the afternoon

Herbal tea.

Check emails twice a day.

In fact, there are more methods to being more efficient than time in the day to be efficient.


But we are all sooooo very different – so at weheartdigital we have a different approach.

When you’re in the mood, and you’re feeling like it is good, and not a ball ache, get on with it. When you’re not in the mood, or you can’t see straight, don’t bother, as you’ll possibly not do it amazingly anyway. If you’re in the mood, but your mind is wandering onto other things (Facebook, Breaking Bad, Children, Cake…) then go do other things.

We don’t care as long as we all know whats what and trust we will get things done in good time anyway.

But, I guess to mention technology somewhere, it’s back to that old ‘dawning of a new era’ bit I rambled on about a couple of posts ago. Smartphones, tables, phablets, Google Glass, cars that talk/drive/read SMS and email, The Y generation, always connected, Internet of Things, etc is brand spanking new still.

And we don’t get it.

We think we get it, I certainly tell people I get it, but its about as got as the paperless office.

Will google introduce scheduled email receiving, will there be a law against sending work emails outside work time (I think there is in France isn’t there?), will it be socially unacceptable to read emails when out and about?

Maybe this is where the wearable watch I have could shine? Maybe, just maybe, instead of it being a dumb little thing that shows me whats on my phone, it could be set to say things like, ‘don’t worry, nothing important to read that will save lives’. The auto readers of email we all know are there could tell the smart watch “Quick Quick, buzz like a Rabbit its all gone pear shaped’ – except those marked as ‘high priority’, ‘urgent’, ‘please read’, ‘important’, ‘read now’ as these are from people who don’t get it.

So there is a challenge toddler word of wearables – make them properly smart and not cool little dumb terminals…