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We are pleased to announce that the building works are nearing an end and we will be opening for business this October!

We are have started taking bookings for office space so if you are interested please get in touch. We will be happy to show you around the building.

We will announce the details of the Launch Party nearer to the Grand Opening. Stay tuned.

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Case Study – The Hate Hearts Project

Here in weheartdigital towers in Castle Street, Totnes, we have been building this fantastic Pop Art project in conjunction with Kai Bastard and Bill Turpin.  The Hate Hearts Project has launched and is available to play with on www.hatehearts.co.uk. So go on, amuse and abuse your friends… (But be nice please)

Hate Heart Project


The Hate Heart Project looks at taking popular culture along with visual language and the written language to create a colourful array of playfully tongue in cheek fine art prints using profanity mixed with a pop art style.

Hate Heart Project

Insight / Problem

Photography is about capturing a moment in time, but what if we could adapt and change and keep changing the final moment (image)?


The Hate Heart Project answers just that by creating programmatic photography that empowers the user by allowing them to generate their own bespoke Hate Heart image. Through full customisation you can write your own message, pick the colour of the heart and background. The entire process uses 100% photographic imagery giving a authentic photographic image rendered as the final result.

Hate Heart Project

 The Process

This collaborative project melds three distinct disciplines together, model making, photography and digital. Each Hate Heart base was hand sculpted along with all the lettering in the 6 varying tones in plaster by model maker Bill Turpin. These were then photographed and retouched by image maker Kai Bastard. Finally the images were then optimised for the website that was hand scripted to allow for the full breadth of customisable functionality by weheartdigital.

Hate Heart ProjectThe Results

Programmatic imagery opens up a diverse array of opportunities. Empowering the individual with the assets and tools to create their own interpretation on the project builds upon the visual interpretation of language as a whole. It also has the ability to diversify into different languages and cultures through the nature of customisation and with the mobile first mentality it turns individuals into their own content creators on the go with the results being personalised sharable content /messaging.

Hate Heart Project

The Tech

You don’t want us rambling on here about the really technical side of this project.  Contact us if you are interested though!  The end goal, as said above was to create, on the fly, a photo realistic image.  This meant that we had to do things in a different way to the norm.  The letters are not fonts for a start, they are digital photographs.  So we have 6 images for each letter.  We needed to write a separate tool that would churn out all those CSS rules based on the letter sizes and positions in the sprite sheet as writing them by hand would have proved too tedious.

Then we had a two step process.  First, as you type putting the letters in the heart dynamically, adjusting the size when the second or third lines are added or deleted.  Then we need to take all of these images, and the background and the sweet itself, and dynamically render it as a high resolution image, which is good enough for printing.

You will see when playing, you can zoom right in and the Hate Heart looks amazing!

Press release here: Hate Hearts Press Release

Hate Hearts on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hate_hearts/

A bit of fun 😉 https://hatehearts.co.uk/random