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Digital isn’t just projects…

It’s funny isn’t it, I have been meaning for yonks to right thoughts about this digital space we work and live in. And then, this digital space prompts me to do it. So cheers LinkedIn, thanks for reminding me that I don’t get round to stuff, and thanks for helping me get round to stuff.

Todays thought is possibly a slight rant. When creating/developing and building beautiful things online, the tendency over time is to think of it as ‘a project with a deadline’ or ‘¬£nnnn.nn revenue which needs invoicing’ or sometimes ‘the thing we have to do for that client who keeps on emailing us’. We, as people who love this digital stuff need to treat ALL projects the way a musician writes a song, or an artist paints a picture and stay focused on what is right, what works and what makes people smile.

When I used to to TV stuff, to make developers think less thats its just code, and more that its a real thing with real users, we would get them to check stuff out on their TV at home, or their mums TV – suddenly it becomes real. Same with web, tablet and mobile (new Acronym maybe WTM), move away from your desk, borrow your partners phone, Chromecast it to a TV, check it out at a mates house, anything that gently reminds you that users aren’t part of the project team and need to just ‘get it’ – the 2 second rule.

Then a project will not just be The Good Enough Line; it will be something to show off, something to be proud of, something to add to your CV.

Rant over, soap box away now…

(As long as we don’t end up with The Homer…)

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