We love Events!

If you have an event and want a game, questionnaire, notification board or anything that looks amazing, we are the ones to help you.  Our creativity, experience and ability to hit those deadlines makes us the perfect partner for your event needs.

If it looks fun they will come!

The art of a great interactive experience is the ability for it to attract people.  The home screen must be bold, have movement, look amazing and be instantly usable.  This is the ultimate in user experience.

The set up is crucial

When you are setting up your stand, you really don’t want to be concerned about software.  The way we build it is simple; the latest up to date version is automatically there, if there is a power cut, internet outage, or someone just trips over a wire (it happens!) our platform resets itself to the last healthy state it was in.

Data Collection – no worries

We set this up so data is of the utmost importance.  WiFi at events is slightly ropey, to say the least.  We ensure that your interactive app stores the data locally, and uploads when it can, even after you have packed up and gone home.  We know that once it’s lost, its lost.

Call Us!

If you have an event coming up, and want some great ideas, or have some great ideas but want a build partner who also gives advice, then weheartdigital will always do an amazing job.

Who have we worked with?

We have created applications for Google, Deepmind, CDM, Enigma, Big Bear X, Android and more.  We have lots of very happy clients.  We would love to show you some of the amazing work we have done.