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Happy Friday everyone.

After some meeting of some great people this week, there is a couple of things that come to mind, Responsive Design and Big Data.

Responsive Things
A few years ago, if you said that you would make a site responsive you would get two answers. 1) Our users respond very well to it or 2) Ha, yeah, right, you just want more money.

Whereas now, people get it…they think.

Generally its a rather wonderful WordPress theme that just hides the Top Level menu and shifts stuff about a bit or a full on design based on a grid system that shifts stuff about a bit. 3 column, down to 2 column, down to 1 column…


So here is where I am at. Responsive User Journeys, or Responsive Use Cases to me is MUCH more realistic, and much wiser.

An obvious example (cos its Friday and I am drinking Cider). Facebook on t’internet what do you do? Read the feed, watch videos, like, comment, play games, use FB Apps….

What do you do on your mobile? Read the feed, watch videos, UPLOAD IMAGES FROM YOUR PHONE…

Amazon on the desktop – Slowly browse, look at recommendations, deep link from google, buy stuff you didn’t know you wanted, add/edit credit cards, look at My Account. On mobile, LOOK FOR A SPECIFIC ITEM, Buy that item

Different use cases for different devices. Apps have nailed it as they build them with the app in mind. We can do this with web, so lets just do it…

Later, as we are in the Internet of Things part of our lives, do you think we will be designing all things to work on all Things? Nah, everything will become more focused, more sleek, smaller, simpler, etc…

Big Data not Big Databases
So many times we get offered projects that are hip and cool because they are going to use Big Data. Or so they say. And what is this Big Data project I ask. Oh, its a website that 1,000,000 visitors will hit everyday. Or a website that has some clever mechanism for doing something really complex that hasn’t been done before.

Its isn’t that is it. Big data is not lots of data or lots of users. It could be, but depends. Its a scenario where the data or algorithms, or processing is SOOOOO huge it has to be distributed, stored in a special way on lots of machines, processed in massive parallel data centres, etc. A million ain’t big…

eBay, Google, Amazon, Weather, Telescopes, blah blah blah are big data.

Anyway, always turns into a slight rant doesn’t it.

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