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Wearable Apps

Happy Birthday to to…us….

First of all, today is our Birthday, weheartdigital was [purposely] registered on Independence Day, because I thought it was funny.

So happy 3rd Birthday to us.

We have been growing each year, doing better, more creative and interesting projects (From Sport to Shakespeare) and growing our team slowly, but robustly. So thanks to all those involved.

Happy Days
Back in the old days (well 2010/2011)

Anyway, this made me think. Only three years ago, when talking to clients about websites, I used to talk about responsive design principles (must had read it on the back of a fag packet). It was pretty much guaranteed that whoever I was talking to thought a) It was a way to charge more, or b) pointless or c) constraining the design of the ‘main’ site.

Its interesting this, as now its become standard and this concept of ‘main’ site has gone. So we can pretty much know that mobile first, which has been knocking around as a term for a while is going to happen. Do we still feel thought that point c rings true. Are we now so worried about responsive, or grid layouts, or columns, or consistent structure that we have lost that ability to go bonkers and create wild and wacky sites? We have a little bit is my thinking. Or were those sites dead when we realised that Flash was pants and a security nightmare?

Back to the present

So everything is responsive, everything needs to work on all things, it would be forbidden for a user to go to a site and get the desktop view. Well, one day maybe.

But now we have wearables (although I argue that I had one in 1980, I could add/subtract/multiply/divide and write BOOBLESS and SHELLOIL on it – upside down of course).

What is the thinking then with developing Apps for Android, which can work with a wearable device. I see Runtastic Pro is updated to support Google Wear. I guess apps will support the long awaited iWatch as well.

So Apps will ‘respond’ to wearable devices? Or be separate w. Apps like the m. sites of back in the day? Something will prevail, but let’s hope clients get it, and understand that those of use trying to create beautiful things for people want to make them beautiful on all screens, not just try and coin a few quid because they think early adopters will fall for it.