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This time next year THEY will be billionaires…

We are in the dawning still of this Social Media world. People in the future will look at us as pioneers in one sense, stupid and naive in another sense. These people, our great great great great grandchildren, in their flying cars and silver suits will cringe, laugh, say bless them a lot, giggle at speeds, sizes, styles and content in our digital worlds and go ‘really’? ‘They really used to do that’?

And this is a tenuous link to the title.

Think of these little facts

Facebook is 10 years, 5 months old
Twitter is 8 years, 3 months old
LinkedIn is 11 years, 2 months old
MySpace is almost 11 years old
and old man Google started 15 years and 10 months
And so on. And the rough valuations are:

Facebook – $100b
Twitter- $20b
LinkedIn – No one knows but about $25b
MySpace – Sold for $35m
Google – $389b
So all of these not quite hitting puberty companies have this value because we opened up and told them anything they wanted: about work, home, legal, illegal, life, happiness…

How much did you get paid? How much did I get paid? Unless you were salaried or started a side business, how much did “I had chips for tea?” get you paid.

How much will I earn for sadly typing this on a Friday night?


And this is what those future people will laugh at most. The fact that we as cavemen (and women) of the digital world valued ourselves at nothing. (BTW, Twitter values you at $110, Facebook at $98, LinkedIn $93, so I guess the same for the rest)

Didn’t see the cheque in the post?

Anyway, I guess this needs to change doesn’t it? Some algorithm to work out what we should get when I tell people I like VW‘s. Like affiliate marketing for social media users (but without being asked to promote brands. Affiliate me-keting…