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Clients love weheartdigital

weheartdigital received this glowing review in an email from a client today who just love us:


“Good to talk to you again. I feel more at ease already :-)”

“So basically we want WHD to play a much bigger part of this, both right now and in the near future. We especially want your involvement on this as a CTO for hire…”


This makes me happy and shows our mission statement is true.

Thanks Mr Client, you made me a very happy man today.

#weheartdigital – we are great.

weheartdigital – It’s been a long road

So, 7 years since the first thought of weheartdigital was born. 7 whole years….

7 years is a lifetime in the digital world, and lots has gone on.

WordPress is now a proper CMS platform.
People wear tech now
Average internet speed has quadrupled from 3.6MBit/s to 12MBit/s
Tablets are no longer for eating but for swiping
Responsive Design is now the norm (people used to think I was taking the p*ss when I mentioned it a few years ago)
App and Play stores are now in existence
Video streaming is normal (but still amazing I reckon)
Lots of other stuff but lists get boring!
What else do you think technically has been massive changes in 7 years?
As for weheartdigital? Starting out I look back and think how green I was as a first time self employed person. It’s a walk into the unknown, not just for projects, but for all the other stuff that goes around running a SME. Now, with real staff who are all great, over 50 different clients in many many different businesses, 600+ invoices raised, stakes in other companies, investments – it’s all very very exciting.

Hopefully the next 7 years will be as much fun!

So, from weheartdigital, thanks to all the customers, thanks to all the staff and contractors who make it happen, and thanks to my family for putting up with it!

Big hugs all round

Andy x