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Top 5 Dream Team Traits for the Creative Industries

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Having worked in digital for 15 plus years, I’ve had the privilege of working with some really great people on many a fun and innovative project. Recently I’ve been reflecting on what it is that working at weheartdigital makes me want to hop-skip-and-jump to work rather than having to drag myself to my desk each morning. Is it the projects, the clients – yes definitely to some degree, but actually for me it really all comes down to the team of people I work with and how we work together.


So what are the top 5 values and traits of my team members that make them a dream to work with?


  1. Respect – It’s massively important to me that my teammates respect each other, respect our clients and respect the value of what we do. We have healthy discussions, disagreements even, but always in an environment where everyone’s opinion is equally heard and listened to. A working environment fostered on respect encourages everyone to have a say, should they want to.


  1. Honesty – I love people who are honest. Admittedly sometimes it’s tough to hear an honest opinion but actually it is so refreshing to hear someone say “I’m not sure” or “I got it wrong” or “ahem, you got it wrong Tina”. Personally it took me years to work out that I don’t have to have all the answers (or pretend to have) and it’s ok to mess up and admit what you don’t know. Airing uncertainties, worries, concerns, issues is really healthy and as a Scrum Master I really appreciate it when people do. It helps me plan, tackle any potential issues head on and generally sleep better at night. My dream team tells me what I need to know, not what they think I want to hear.


  1. Can do attitude – It really is exciting rocking up to work with a team of people who truly believe that nothing is impossible (given enough time, research, training, effort etc). I’m lucky to have a team around me who are experts and are a safe pair of hands when it comes to what they do, but at the same time they are not afraid to give things a go. Nothing in projects ever goes completely according to plan but I have complete faith that we’ll deliver, every time, thanks to the “can do” attitude.


  1. Responsibility – In my role as Scrum master it’s critical that my dream team is comprised of people who take responsibility, for not only what they do but the success of a project as a whole. A team of people who have each others’ backs and never assume that “someone else will get that” means fewer panic moments in a project.


  1. Balance – At the end of the day, life’s way too short to be doing something day in / day out that doesn’t give you any enjoyment, or doesn’t allow time in your day for other important things in life, such as family, health and hobbies. With ⅔ of the team at WHD being parents (and the other ⅓ set to be parents soon), we know we have to make work fit into family life, not the other way around. Several of our team members work school hours and some have enjoyed extended parental leave. Why? Because our dream team members have a healthy work-life-balance, and respect the need for others to do the same.


So, that’s my core ingredients for a dream team. And I am happy to report that the weheartdigital team meet the criteria, which allows us to build beautiful things in a lovely way.